Official Discord Templates

Discord templates allow you to quickly create a server with pre-defined channels and roles. Discord has created a hand full of high quality templates to help Discord users create communities about the topics they care about. This page will list all known official templates by Discord.

Club Template

This is a Discord server template for college clubs.

Creators & Hobbies

This template is for content creators and hobby servers.

Study Groups

This template was made by Discord for study groups.

Friends & Family

This template is meant for small groups of friends and family members to connect on Discord.

Local Communities

This template is for local communities and groups.

League of Legends

Create a place that makes it easy to stay in touch and remain close on and off the Rift with Discord. Its where your League of Legends friends can talk, play together, and hang out.

Professor Oaks Classes

The official classroom template by Discord.

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