Discord Server Lists

Discord server lists are an important tool for anybody using Discord, for Discord users and server owners alike. Users can discover new communities based around their interests and server owners can advertise their servers and gain new members.

Our list of server lists helps you find the best websites to find new servers and promote your own.


Top.gg is arguebly one of the largest and most well known Discord server lists. Previously know as discordbots.org they have a wide selection of servers to choose from.


Disforge.com is another large and well known server list, with over 100,000 Discord Servers listed there are plenty of communities for any topic you can imagine.


Discord.me is one of Discords oldest server lists, originally used as a free vanity service discord.me quickly became one of the most popular public server lists.


Discordservers.com was founded in 2015 and is often thought of as the first server list for Discord.


Disboard.org is available in multiple languages and lists well over 1 million communities.


DiscordBotList.com originally launched as a Discord bot list but eventually allowed Discord servers to be submitted too.

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