Discord Bots

Discord Bots

Discord Space is one of the top discord bot listing sites on the web. It allows users to browse thousands of discord bots categorized by tags like music, utilities, fun and more.

Some features of Discord Space include:

Bot listings: Browse detailed profiles of popular discord bots with information like commands, description, author etc. This makes it easy to discover new bots.

Bot voting: Users can upvote their favorite bots which helps rank bots on the site based on popularity.

Stats tracking: Discord Space tracks stats for each bot like server count, vote count over time which gives users a sense of how active a bot is.

Author dashboard: Bot owners get their own dashboard to add/edit bots, view stats and interact with their user base.

Widgets: Authors can generate embed widgets to promote their bots on websites or their discord server.

Discord Space is a one-stop place for both users and authors - users can find high quality bots and authors can get their creations noticed more easily. It continues to be one of the largest platforms for the thriving discord bot community.