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The only ticket bot with buttons, select menus, forms, private threads and more!

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About Tickets

Tickets is a fully customisable Discord ticket system, allowing you to provide support via live chat to your users in a familiar setting. Some of the most prominent features of Tickets are: - Users can open tickets via the click of a button, and select a topic via different buttons / a dropdown - Forms to gather preliminary responses to questions of your choice when a user opens a ticket - Option to use private threads, rather than channels - Transcripts of tickets are automatically saved when closing - Support representatives can claim tickets, giving a more personal connection to the user - Different support teams for different types of tickets can be created - Tags with common responses can be saved - Support for 20+ languages - Bot username and avatar can be changed via our whitelabel service, completely removing all branding
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Tickets Bot Command List

Some popular commands for the Tickets Discord Bot, you can see a full list by doing /help in Discord.


Closes the current ticket


Adds a user to a ticket


Allows you to easily configure the bot


Sends a message asking the user to confirm the ticket is able to be closed


Renames the current ticket

Tickets Bot FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Tickets Discord Bot are answered here.

What is the Tickets Discord bot invite?

The Discord bot invite for Tickets is:

Is the Tickets Discord bot offline??

The Tickets Discord bot was last reported as being online, if you continue to experience issues please join their support server for help.

What is the Tickets bot ID?

The bot id for Tickets is 508391840525975553

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