ServerStats Discord Bot


ServerStats shows off your member, channel, role, emoji, boost, and goal count in your server through the use of channels (also fully customizable).

About ServerStats

**What is ServerStats?** ServerStats is a Discord bot that is mainly focused on providing information about your Discord server and it's members. It shows most of the information through the use of channel names (so called counters), but there are also some commands that shows information in more detail. **Which counters does it support?** The bot currently supports 31 different counters, this list consists of the following counters: `all`, `members`, `bots`, `pending`, `channels`, `text`, `voice`, `categories`, `announcement`, `staging`, `parent`, `roles`, `role`, `norole`, `emojis`, `static`, `animated`, `stickers`, `boosts` and `tier`. Adding to does there are also premium exclusive counter and does consists of the following counters: `onlinerole`, `online`, `dnd`, `idle`, `offline`, `onlinebot`, `status`, `streaming`, `playing`, `bans` and `connected`. **Are there more counters?** Yes, there are some more counters that are separated from the normal counters, those are the goal, social (supports 4 different platforms) and the game (support 32 different games) counter.

ServerStats Bot Command List

Some popular commands for the ServerStats Discord Bot, you can see a full list by doing /help in Discord.


Completely resets the bot and counters.


Create and manage the category used to place counters under.


Sets the bot up with some base counters.


Shows the avatar for you or another member.


Create and manage the counters in your server.

ServerStats Bot FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the ServerStats Discord Bot are answered here.

What is the ServerStats Discord bot invite?

The Discord bot invite for ServerStats is:

Is the ServerStats Discord bot offline??

The ServerStats Discord bot was last reported as being online, if you continue to experience issues please join their support server for help.

What is the ServerStats bot ID?

The bot id for ServerStats is 458276816071950337

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