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Hello! I am **Yggdrasil**, and I'm here to make your Discord server a bit more fun!

🤖 **https://ygg.fun/invite**
📜 **https://ygg.fun/etiquette**

About Yggdrasil

# About Yggdrasil Fun! Soundboard! Games! Phones! Pranks! Shipping! TTS! Racing! ## Features * Yggdrasil has tons of commands to make your server more Fun! Some examples are below, but try to explore yourself and see what you can find! ### **Fun!** - use cool commands to wow your friends! * `--ship` - Use a secret Yggdrasil algorithm for matchmaking the perfect ship! * `--friendscore` - Figure out the compatibility between friends! * `--deathbattle` - Simulate a no-holds-barred fight in the arena! * `--icecream` - Create a creamy dessert in seconds, personalized for you! * `--fortune` - Crack open a fortune cookie to see your fate! * `--8ball` - Ask the magic ball the magic questions! * `--wanted` - Generate a wanted poster for all of your friends! * `--tts` - Speak using a robot in voice channels! ### **Games!** - play awesome games with your community! * `--race` - Start up a race with plenty of unique cars! * `--price` - Guess the price and win a prize! * `--standoff` - Compete with your friends to have an old fashioned standoff! * `--fidgetspinner` - Spin to win! * `--darts` - Get as close to the center as you can! ### **Phones!** - talk to tons of users all over Discord! * `--userphone` - See who you're talking to! * `--speakerphone` - Chat with random users all over! * `--scramblephone` - asdk;jlfaofi;easflkj! * `--fuwwyphone` - :) ### **Animals!** - animals! * `--bird` - bird! * `--cat` - cat! * `--dog` - dog! * `--fox` - fox! ### **Useful Information!** - basic information and utilities for you! * `--userinfo` * `--serverinfo` * `--choose` * `--roll`

Yggdrasil Bot Command List

Some popular commands for the Yggdrasil Discord Bot, you can see a full list by doing /help in Discord.

Yggdrasil Bot FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Yggdrasil Discord Bot are answered here.

What is the Yggdrasil Discord bot invite?

The Discord bot invite for Yggdrasil is: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=247283454440374274&permissions=8&scope=bot%20applications.commands

Is the Yggdrasil Discord bot offline??

The Yggdrasil Discord bot was last reported as being online, if you continue to experience issues please join their support server for help.

What is the Yggdrasil bot ID?

The bot id for Yggdrasil is 247283454440374274

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